Welcome To Octel Cables

OCTEL Cables is one of the renowned manufacturers of cables in the Cable Industry in India. Our range encompasses a large variety of wires & cables including Flexible Cables, Control & Power Cables (Unarmoured & Armoured), Telephone Cables (Unarmoured & Armoured), Submersible Cables, Data Flow Cables,


We pride in bringing innovative products which can improve and help in better diagnostics and care.


Combining the ideation of the customer with the deep understanding of the healthcare market to bring out a targeted outcome.


Scientific and Professional approach to pre and post sales service.


Providing customized client specific solutions by optimizing the client’s resources with available options to achieve the desired outcome.


We use a variety of conductors suited to different requirements. Most commonly used are Copper, Aluminium, Cromel, Alumel, Iron, Constantan etc. We use high conductivity electrolytic grade Copper/Aluminium.


We provide high strength jacketing material to hold the armouring of different insulating compounds like PVC (ST-1, ST-2, ST-3 FR, FRLS) and various Thermoplastic / Elastomeric compounds.



World Class Cable Products