About Us

Welcome To Octel Cables

OCTEL CABLES is one of the renowned manufacturers of cables in the Cable Industry in India. Our range encompasses a large variety of wires & cables including Flexible Cables, Control & Power Cables (Unarmoured & Armoured), Telephone Cables (Unarmoured & Armoured), Submersible Cables, Data Flow Cables, Instrumentation Cables, Coaxial Cables, Compensating cables and FRLS cables. Our Quality Assurance department performs regular checks on quality of cables online & offline to deliver high quality of cables. Octel Cables has established a favorable image in the eyes of people for reliability and commitment.


At OCTEL, manufacturing is done by state of art High-tech machines to deliver high quality of products and production efficiency. We have been continuously improving upon the manufacturing process and always keep our equipment up with the times.

Quality Assurance & Testing

Our quality control department strives to achieve the highest quality in raw material, in-process and finished goods. Our system has been approved by NABC the ISO certifying body and we have been awarded ISO 9001 certification for our quality system. We have a modern testing Lab well equipped with latest testing equipments. Our products are put through strenuous testing procedures in order to maintain quality well above laid standards. Our wires & cables are tested at every stage of production, supervised by well-qualified and experienced engineers..

Research & Development

We give immense stress at Research & Development on various levels of manufacturing and testing. Continuous in-house improvement in quality of existing products, development of new products is a policy matter at our works. Our highly qualified technical staff has the capability and can design and develop the cables to suit the environments and stress & strain of installation conditions at various type of industries.

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Customer Service

Customer service is utmost importance for us. We believe that ultimately what matters is the service, which we provide through our products. OCTEL, has a separate unit for customer care comprising of a tele-caller who is responsible for taking into account each & every query given by the customer which gets resolved as quickly as possible. The tele-caller calls up the customer after delivery of material to ensure that the delivery is on time and the customer is satisfied with the product quality. As OCTEL strongly believes in the sovereign position of the customer, therefore it tries to provide each and every service which ensure customer satisfaction and future results in most efficient and effective time manner

Product Packaging & Shipment

Packing instructions are displayed at the adequate places for regular production items and workers are duly trained to maintain the quality of packing. Apart from this the job sheets also gives the packing instructions as mutually agreed with the customers. Cable is supplied in wooden reels with spindle hole. Cable ends are sealed with non-hygroscopic sealing caps. All the details pertaining to cable contents are marked on the sides of the reel. Timely delivery of materials in any project is of utmost importance. Any delay in the delivery of cable can contribute to overall project delay and cost overrun. To overcome these, we keep delivery schedules on top priority.