24AWG Multipair Data Cable

Multipair Individually Screened Cable

Product Overview

Multipair individually foil screened extended distance cables are manufactured with stranded tinned copper cables. Each pair is individually screened with a drain wire and in insulated with solid PE insulation. The cable is support RS232 and RS422 for extended distances.

Features :

  • 24AWG Stranded ATC Conductor
  • Overall Foil Screen Pairs
  • Overall Drain Wire
  • PVC Sheath


Dimensions Material
Conductor 0.254mm (+/-0.008) x 7 Stranded ATC
Insulation Thickness 1.20mm (+/-0.13mm) Solid PE
Drain Wire 0.203mm (+/-0.008) Stranded ATC
Screen 100% Aluminium Foil
Covering Mylar Spiral Wrap Mylar Tape
Sheath Grey PVC
No of  Pair 2 Pair 3 Pair
Nominal diameter (mm) 4.19 (+/-0.20) 6.90 (+/-0.25)
Electrical Characteristics
Maximum Conductor DC resistance <5.83 Ohm/ 100 m at 20 deg C
Minimum insulation DC resistance >200 M Ohm at 20 deg C
Rated temperature 80 deg C
Rated voltage 300 V