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PVC Drop Wire

The PVC Drop Wire is used in telephone connectivity. The drop wire is available in oval shape to add in conductor field separation. These are two round solid copper covered steel wires that serve dually as conductors and strength members. It comes with good tensile strength, conductivity and elongation property.

The bonding of insulation with the conductor is controlled to assure that the full conductor strength is transferred to the wire support clamp. These wires are conductor resistant, insulation resistant and minimal breakage possibility. It does not get any burn in the first 60 seconds and lasts longer than usual drop wires.
Available Range:- 0.51mm, 0.61 mm, 0.71mm, 0.91mm


Conductor ABC
Wire Dia (+/-0.01) 0.50mm
Resistance 87 +/-4 Ohm/km at 20deg C
Fiber Glass roving Yes
Insulation spanVC Tyspane A/spanE
Thickness 0.50+/-0.05mm
Fiber Glass Roving 0.50mm thick
Insulation thickness 0.50mm nom
Final diameter (max) 1.60 x 2.60 x 1.60